The most common errors that music producers or artists make are basic yet challenging to overcome, particularly when facing the opinions and judgments of others.

It is essential to recognize that every artist has a starting point. Consider Timberland; did he become Timbo The King the day after realizing he wanted to make music? No, success takes time.

Starting to put out music, even if it’s not perfect, is comparable to the first day of college when you don’t know anyone. Everyone is judging each other. Overcoming the fear of judgment is a crucial key to success in the music industry. Fans appreciate witnessing an artist’s growth and evolution over time.

Concerns about one’s music being perceived as “trash” often arise. If you believe your music is subpar, it’s likely because you’re comparing yourself to individuals who started their journey before you. Even if you think it’s trash, there are still people who may appreciate it, believe it or not.

Expect criticism, as it is a good sign that your music is attracting attention. Choose criticisms that are relevant to you and use them to grow and improve your music.

In the early stages of your music career, having reference artists or producers who have set high standards is essential. As you continue to grow, it’s better to compare yourself to these references rather than worrying about what others think.

Remember, you don’t want to replicate exactly what others are doing. Each music piece carries its own signature, and even if following a similar pattern, every individual has a unique way of doing things. Embrace the beauty of making music, celebrating individuality in the creative process.

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