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Diamond Dragon VST V4.0 : Unleash the beast and let it scream

We just release the 4.0 version of Diamond Dragon.


At the dawn of the world, legend say’s that an immortal diamond dragon created by one scream all the sounds who is existing today.

Guess what? Music-Plug-Corner went looking for tamed it for you.This legendary dragon, gives us all these secrets and its special sounds.
MPC also collects the sounds of several types of legendary dragon for them grouped into a single VST. Diamond dragon is a virtual instrument that contains sounds seen nowhere else. This vst will allow you to really create unique production. With special sounds hitherto forgotten in the meanders of time.
Being able to adapt as well to electronic music as to urban music, this VST will make your production process easier because it is incredibly versatile.
Our developers have concentrated their efforts on optimizing Diamond Dragon. So it uses very little part of Cpu and Ram even if you open 10 on the same project.

This VST countains : 200 PRESETS

5 VOICE | 4 FLUTE | 5 GUITAR | 14 PLUCK | 11 BELL | 20 SYNTHE | 3 BASS | 10 SUB~BASS | 25 PAD | 10 BRASS | 40 CUSTOM | 3 ORGAN | 5 DRONE | 7 VIOLIN | 8 STRINGS | 15 KEYS | 15 LEAD

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