Focus on making 1 style or multiple style of music?

The purpose of this post is to encourage people to think about how they approach music production:

As we all know, life is short, and we have a lot to do within our limited time to create music. So, how can we maximize this precious time? Is it better to keep focusing on the same music style, or should we diversify the genres we produce?

Why stick to one genre of music?

  • You’ll improve faster: The more you delve into a single type of music, the better you’ll become at it. Why? Because with each iteration, you refine your skills, discover new techniques, and incorporate subtle details into your music, setting you apart from the crowd of producers in the same genre.
  • You’ll become more recognizable: By consistently producing the same style of music, your audience will start associating your artist name with your unique “brand” within that genre. You can become a leading figure in your chosen genre, and fans of that genre will be more attuned to your content.
  • You’ll make money more quickly: We can see this with type beat channels. The more people recognize your content and align it with their tastes, the more willing they are to pay for your music and related products, whether through streams, beat sales, or sample packs. Plus, it gives you greater visibility, as social media algorithms tend to promote content people enjoy.

Why try producing music in multiple genres?

  • You’ll have more fun: Making music is also about enjoyment, and continuously working on the same style can become monotonous. Trying out different genres can take you out of your comfort zone and keep music production interesting.
  • You’ll be more adaptable: Music is constantly evolving, with new genres emerging every few months. When an artist requests a trendy genre, you’ll be able to provide it quickly and gain a competitive edge. With a wide variety of music styles in your repertoire, you can reach a broader audience interested in your music.
  • You’ll be more creative: As you gain knowledge of various music styles, your perspective on music will evolve, allowing you to develop a unique style that incorporates multiple influences. To keep your audience engaged, you sometimes need to surprise them and make your music evolve. This is what sustains your career.

So, what do you prefer?

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