As producers, we all struggle with writer’s block. Yes, you try to create music because you’re hyped thinking about the next HIT you’re going to produce. You open your DAW and…

Nothing happens.

You might try numerous times to create a good melody or drum pattern, but nothing seems to work today. So, you erase everything until you just give up and sadly close your DAW.

Yes, you’re facing that “writer’s block” that all producers talk about.

Don’t worry; it’s going to be okay. If I told you that writer’s block doesn’t exist, would you believe me?

Indeed, as humans, we face many ups and downs in our lives, and most of the time, even if we didn’t want to, we’ve been affected by our emotions. Because whether you like it or not, emotion drives most parts of our lives.

You see a bunch of accomplishments in your feed, and you create music, but nobody cares? Yes, that will affect you.

You’ve tried to replicate that song 10 times, but you still can’t do it?

Yes, that will affect you.

So, what are the techniques to overcome our disabled mental states and continue following our path?

  1. Just give up: Yes, you need to do something else like going out for a bike ride, seeing some friends, or even watching a movie. Doing something else will make you think about other things and break your disabled mental state. Yes, trust me when people say that what happens in your life affects the way you listen to and create music; that’s not a myth. When you get back to producing, it will be a lot easier to create something you’re proud of.
  2. Try a new genre: Try creating a completely different genre from what you’re used to making. Yes, that might sound a bit annoying because it’s not your main target, but creating other genres can change your perspective on music and also influence how you create music. Also, making music should be fun, and discovering new genres can trigger your curiosity and push you beyond your usual limits.
  3. Make a challenge: The best way to do this is with other producers. Create a challenge with them, like who can make the best beat using only one sample, who can create the best cinematic music, or who can make a beat with bird noises. All these little challenges can change your mental state because they will take you out of your comfort zone and stimulate your creativity.
  4. Do it anyway: Yes, if you feel like your music is crap? Guess what? That’s true. Yes, but you have to make it. Why? Because as an artist, we have to deal with this type of friction to progress and get the best out of ourselves. You have to fail 15 times to succeed once. And yes, not everything you create will be good. You have to accept that. And stop comparing yourself to better songwriters or producers. If you’re at level 1, don’t expect to be at level 10 just because you want it hard at the moment. That’s not how it works.

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